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Life Is ForEver
ISBN 978-0953807307, Paperback 208 pages
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Life Is ForEver
A Personal Investigation For Evidence Of Survival

James Webster

From an early age, James Webster has been fascinated by the mysteries of life and has spent nearly 50 years in research, enquiry and discovery ----- much from personal experience. Having read and studied the sciences, philosophy, psychology, parapsychology and many paranormal subjects, the jackpot question has always remained in his mind; What happens to us when we die? And what reliable evidence do we have to answer this profound question involving every person on Earth?

Survival of the individual consciousness and personality after physical death of the body is at the centre of this question, and is the principle factor in the authorís main interest with spiritual science.

James Webster has written and published many articles and papers and now presents this book which he hopes will have a general appeal as being an interesting read, as well as a reference work --- but more importantly to offer enlightenment to many.

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What I found was the clarity in the way in which James expresses himself in talking with him and in the written word. The anecdotal stories he relates are so vivid and evidentual which makes them so striking. They capture the imagination of the individual reading the material and I find it so refreshing instead of the questionable, bland and run-of-the-mill reporting we get so much of today. The writing is quite riveting and I think the evidence stands up for itself.

James is one of the very few I have met who, when I have listened to him, have found so absorbing. I feel that the reader needs something to make them think, and capture their imagination, and really drive home the value of good evidence on this so important subject. This book will certainly help to fill that need.

I certainly endorse Life Is ForEver and hope it will be the forerunner of further books by James Webster in the future.

Alan E. Crossley, Runcorn, Cheshire, June 1999

Some commendations from readers

Congratulations upon a very good book. I think that it is unique in that you introduce the sincere seeker into the many paths from which he may choose to direct his further enquiry. This is something often lacking in other books about death and what happens next. Now each reader can follow the path that most appeals to them. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will not hesitate to recommend it to others.

Idwal Gray. Gwent

Have received your book and found it most interesting. It is a real 'gem' which is worth recommending.

Ed Jockin. Holland

...your excellent book "Life is ForEver" I purchased recently and thoroughly enjoyed reading. Needless to say it will be well loaned around to family and friends...

Mrs E. Brown. Cleveland

Received your book this morning. What a lovely cover. Started reading it at breakfast and found it fascinating...made myself behind with all morning's plans! We hope that the book is a great success for you and that it helps open up more minds.

Jane and Grant Solomon. Essex

I read your book in one sitting. I found it most absorbing and it gave me food for thought...

Mrs P. B. Smith. East Sussex

A very nice book...reading every day a small part. A very nice layout also.

Art Bosman. Holland

I read "Life is ForEver" and found it very interesting. It explained in laymans terms questions that I had been wanting to know the answer to. A book well worth reading.

Rev. Janet Cox. East Sussex

This book will offer enlightenment to all that read it...My wife and I have both read the book; it is one of those books that once picked up one does not want to put down. I found myself reading it and re-reading it...Congratulations James. Apart from being an extremely good book to read it also serves as a reference book. It is definitely a book which makes it a number one in my view to put on your shopping list.

David Kingston. "University of Life" website

For information on ordering this book, please see our Ordering page.

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